Welcome to GCS

Being the first school in this vicinity, we are encouraged and motivated by the support shown by
our respected parents and dear students along with the outstanding support from our faculties towards
building a strong and educational environment for our students. The brand GCS runs in the
Nimar region and has been playing more than significant role in imparting quality educationand shaping
young minds for the present as well as future. Instructors at GCS considerthis School as
a research organization and the classroom as a research laboratory. We always endeavour to
set high standards and strengthen instructional programs by implementing resourceful
and innovative teaching and learning practices which believe are really beneficial forthe students.
We are committed to engineer and customize academic and non-academic
infrastructure, especially in the domain of curriculum design, multi-dimensional and robust
pedagogies according to the learning and grasping ability of the students.


This does not mean that the brilliant students would excel and average students would lag behind.
We have designed an ACD course (Advanced concept Development Course) for fast learners
and well planned remedial classes for slow learners in order to pay attention to both group of
students and help them to realize their strengths and bring out their best.

At GCS, continuous training sessions and various workshops for teachers training are a custom
and one of the core competencies. We also help or workers develop different sets of skill to
help them develop and improve as a good human being.

With a strong belief that education is beyond books, we instil a high pattern of discipline and
accentuate on core values which are necessary for true success in today’s dynamic, unpredictable
and materialistic world. Having been in existence since 1998, Shrikanwartara benefits from long
years of success, and we believe Shrikanwartara has a very bright future. We anticipate with
aplomb that we will be able to see “things ahead of time” and provide those facilities and services
to our students as we move ahead in time and advance this school towards achieving newer

Our Philosophy

Instructors at Shrikanwartara consider this School as a research organization and the classroom
as a research laboratory. We always endeavour to set high standards and strengthen instructional
programs by implementing resourceful and innovative teaching and learning practices which believe
are really beneficial for the students. We strongly believe that it is not only the brain that inhibits
learning; rather the lack of motivation, interest and unfavourable environment that effects learning
process of a child. Now the main issue here is how to incite curiosity and develop interest in to
young minds? Well, Shrikanawartara is the answer to this brilliant and very important question.


We ensure that the atmosphere of freedom to learn is thoroughly maintained. What children like to learn and are more meaningful to them, they will develop a desire and mentality to learn further about the same content/topic. This leads to development of self-motivation for children to learn and not just for the sake of marks and grades, but to learn and implement those concepts in real life scenarios.


We realize the importance of independent and individual thinking skills and differences in the interests of
children; we encourage pro-active and realistic learning through child cantered focus, multi-dimensional
and robust pedagogy that helps bring out the best of each individual student. We also endeavour to see
that every stage of learning process is full of real life experiences, multi-disciplinary activities engaging all intelligences and senses of learner in feeling and experiencing the concepts taught.


We create an atmosphere where we try to help and help each individual to think in the classroom
about any particular that is being tough by making it more interactive and thereby generating intellectual curiosity amongst students. We try to achieve this by incorporating ingenious and effective teaching and learning techniques based on critical and creative thinking activities.

What We Stand For

Today, education has become competitive, more complex and diverse where all children are expected to learn, and, where high learning standards set the vision of educational success for all students. In order to meet the expectations of rapidly changing world and with the introduction of digital media, there is an imperative need of reengineering and reforming our academic and non-academic infrastructure in Schools.


To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through ingenious and student centered approaches so as to develop and initiate a methodical process from the very start of a child’s education. The School promotes safe & conducive environment and instills a high pattern of discipline to transform children into a visionary, morally strong and responsible citizens.


GCS is persistent to impart quality education which is academically demanding and essential to bring the best out of our students. In order to achieve that, we provide an educational environment based on real time scenarios (experiential and skill based) as well as recent happenings which helps in bringing out positive behavioral changes in young minds and empowering them to face present and future challenges with aplomb.