GCS Primary Section

Education at primary level (Classes 1-5 in the age group of 5-10 years) is very incredibly important as it lays
a strong foundation for higher classes where they need to learn higher cognitive level concepts. These children
need robust support, quality time and experienced guidance from teachers as well as parents to bring out the
best of any particular children.
These children are found to be the best followers of elders like teachers, parents and seniors, while their
performance and skill development would certainly depends on the kind of instructional material and guidance provided along with the kind of learning environment created around them to work and study.
Major subjects covered at this level are Mathematics, Environmental Science, English, Hindi, Computer Science, and General Knowledge. GCS provides multiple entry points into every subject or lesson to reach out to the
level of each learner with different learning styles such as kinesthetic learner, visual learner, auditory learner and learners with multiple learning styles.

Approaches used at GCS:

  1. Hands on or manipulative activities/techniques.
  2. Visual explanations using smart/digital class rooms. (ICT incorporated in lessons to make them interesting)
  3. Mind maps to organize and connect concepts.
  4. Numerical representations
  5. Analogies to make comparisons.
  6. Stories about some real life experiences.
  7. Essential questions.